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Located just outside of downtown Nashville, TN - Various Artists Brewing Co. is a small batch brewery and food purveyor dedicated to providing a quality of experience not found elsewhere.


Various Artists Brewing features 8-10 beers on tap brewed on a 4bbl system formerly owned by local Nashville brewery Southern Grist.  Our goal is to consistently knock a few styles out of the park while also dedicating a few taps to experimenting within some loosely interpreted boundaries of traditional beers. The beer lineup includes rotating selections of traditional lagers, ales, seasonal porters and stouts, and barrel and bottle aged sours, as well as highly anticipated (by us, at least) seasonals.

We’ve dedicated a few taps to house beers we feel will be good year round and a few taps are dedicated to creative experimentation.  Our yeast selections, fermentation, cask/barrel aging techniques, and post- pour process add a unique quality to our beers.  At Various Artists Brewing we see success as growth in terms of sustained excellence in service and dedication to the quality of the beers we are crafting. Focus and growth from within.



1011 Elm Hill Pike

Nashville, TN 37210



Mon. - Thurs. - 3pm - 10pm 

Fri. Sat. - 11am - 11pm 

Sun. 12pm - 9pm

Serving Food 11am-8pm on Fridays & Saturdays.

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Food menu


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Where the hell are you located?

We are located 2.5 miles due east from downtown, 3.5 miles from East Nashville’s 5 Points area, 5 miles from Donelson, 2 miles from Woodbine,  and 4 miles from the BNA airport. Our address is 1011 Elm Hill Pike Nashville, TN 37210.

Can I book a private event?

We would love to talk to you about hosting your private event.  We book private events on our side patio (accommodates 15-20 guests) and our front deck (accommodates up to 50 guests.)  To inquire about pricing, catering, availability, and other information, please email pat@variousartistsbrewing.com.

How can I get in touch with you?

General inquiries can be made in person at the brewery during business hours or via email at info@variousartistsbrewing.com.

Can I reserve a table for a group?

We don’t reserve tables or seating in advance.  Considering the size of our 30 person capacity taproom we decided a first come, first served policy is most fair.  If you do have a larger group interested in coming by please feel free to contact us at pat@variousartistsbrewing.com first so we can accommodate you the best we can.  The more we are prepared for you the faster we get beers in your hands.

Do you serve food?

Do we serve food?  Yes. Friday and Saturday 11am-sell out (usually 8:30pm or so).  We are as devoted to quality food as much as we are quality beer.  We basically do picnic food inspired by Pat’s family picnics growing up in Indiana paired with training under an Argentinean chef,  Jeff’s family fish camp shindigs in Upstate New York, a several week long trip eating street food all across Asia, and many other experiences we mostly remember.

We feature a rotating selection of smoked and grilled ribs, thick cut bologna, wings, burgers, veggie sausage/burger, brats, a killer sloppy joe, and sauces and sides we make.  We are certain there will always be something for everyone including vegetarians.  We love vegetables as much as we love non-vegetables.  Friday and Saturday only- get it while you can.

The days we don't have food we are more than happy for you to bring in or have delivered the food of your choice. 

Do you have games available to play?

Yes we do. We spent a portion of the better part of most of an afternoon looking for some games not found other places. A few of them have been hits with beer drinkers and a few have sat cold and lonely since they showed up. But the game that is sweeping our 1300sqft nation is Klackers. What is Klackers you ask? Klackers is a board game that is a cross between Yahtzee, 2nd grade arithmetic, beer drinking, and craps. Come in and get yourself involved in a game or two and find yourself addicted to Flippin the Klack.

Can we have a Birthday Party?

Feliz Cumpleaños! It would be our honor to be a part of your celebration.  Feel free to bring in a cake, cupcakes, or other treats but please know you will have to provide your own plates, napkins and forks, etc.  We ask only 3 things; no candles, no fireworks and please be kind and clean up after yourselves.  Please feel free to contact us at info@variousartistsbrewing.com for more info.

Can we bring our dog?

Yes.  We love dogs, too, and well-behaved, well-owned, leashed canine are gladly welcome on our front deck.  You can be sure there will be a big bowl of fresh water and extra hands for petting. We have a strict PUYDP (pick up your dog’s poop) policy- see the previous ‘well-owned’ mention.  No furry friends in the taproom or on the side patio. Moose out front should’ve told you.

Can I bring my kids?

Of course.  Jeff and Pat both have kids.  We won’t have chicken fingers or grilled cheese on the menu but we will do our best to afford our scholars, civic leaders, space explorers and beer aficionados of the future a pleasant visit.  We know if the kids are bored at the brewery everyone loses. Been there.

Do you have gluten-free beers or food?

No on beer.  Yes on food.

Can I get a brewery tour?

Yes.  You can get a brewery tour in less than 5 minutes from the comfort of you bar stool.  Our space is quaint and the brewery and the taproom are basically the same room. If Jeff is tending bar he can lead you on a verbal tour of the brewery and its process.  At the end of the tour you will receive total consciousness. So you’ll have that going for you. Which is nice.

Is the taproom handicap accessible?

Yes, the deck, taproom, patio and restrooms are all handicap accessible.  

I left and forgot to close my tab.  What now?

We close the tab out at the end of the night and add a 20% gratuity.  We then board the bus for the Horseshoe Casino in Tunica. JK JK JK JK.  Our point of sale system will pre-authorize your card upon your initial beer or food order and your card will be handed right back to you.  

Can I get beer to go?

Yes.  If you provide a clean growler (we won’t fill a nasty growler) we will happily fill it with your favorite Various Artists beer to go (see theoretical stipulations in the next question titled ‘How long is a growler good for’).  Growler fills are are of market price but specialty and seasonal beers could be a few bucks more.  We will also periodically offer corked and caged 750ml bottles of our Imperial Stouts, Sour Beers, Double IPAs and other specialty and higher-octane beers.  *There will occasionally be beers which may not be eligible for growler fills.

How long is a growler fill good for?

Well, this is our personal growler dilemma.  Example- Joe buys a growler of his favorite Various Artists beer Thursday after work with plans to take the beer to a cookout on Saturday afternoon.  When Joe gets home Thursday evening he decides to pour himself just one beer from the growler and save the rest for the party on Saturday. Joe, true to his word, has only one beer Thursday evening.  On Saturday at noon Joe pulls the remainder of the growler from his fridge and heads to the party. Joe arrives and is excited to pour his friends some of this great beer from Various Artists he’s been telling them so much about.  Joe gathers his buddies round, plastic cups in hand, and opens the growler. “That’s strange”, Joe thought, “no sound of a pressure release.” Joe proceeds to pour the once proud and robust beer into his friend’s cups and to his surprise there is no lacy head, no aroma burst sprouting from the cup, none of the fine characteristics of the beer he poured from the same growler Thursday.  As his friends walk away shaking their heads and mumbling, “this shit sucks”, a deflated Joe sulks to his car and drives home alone. Moral of the story- don’t leave your records in the sun. Growlers are best consumed within 72 hours of getting filled and preferably in one sitting shared among friends.

Where do I park?

Great question.  Parking is not something we are in great excess of.   We have 10 spots in our immediate parking lot including one handicap spot.  We have the permission of our fine neighbors to our left and right to use their parking on weekday evenings after 5pm and all day and night on weekends.  Cars left overnight in the adjacent lots will towed as per the property owners.  A hearty suggestion is to arrive and depart via some of the available ride-share companies so you can experience Various Artists Brewing to the fullest.

Do you have a Happy Hour?

Oh yes, we do.  Everyday we will be knocking $1 off of a select beer from 3-6.  It’s a favorite among our friends who work in the neighborhood.  The tunes will be right and the food and beer will be tight.  Caddies welcome 3-3:15.

Do you have WiFi?

Yes.  We also have purse/bag hooks under the bar.

Do you have live music?

Not currently, but music is something we have an immense love for and outdoor live music is something we aspire to when the weather allows this Fall.  

Our recorded music playlists are as important as the food or beer and we love a very wide variety of musical styles.  We do have music related events and nights featuring the music of a certain artist or genre, guest DJs, and  spontaneous bluegrass jams on occasion.

Wednesday night is Grateful Dead night.  We  jam a selected entire show from the band’s long strange trip and play it from crowd/tuning through the final notes of the encore.  Show starts and volume climbs at 6:30/7pm.   Jeff and Pat were both lucky enough to see the band starting in the late 80s and enjoyed shows until it ended.  At Soldier Field in Chicago in 1992 a ticketless Pat caught a rogue frisbee with his mouth in the parking lot and was given a ticket, a beer, and something else we can’t quite remember by a guy who introduced himself as ‘Butterfinger.’  We later saw Butterfinger unsuccessfully trying to tune a one string guitar.  If you think that is a fabrication you never spent any time on Shakedown Street.


  Featuring some 'not quite fit for a museum' pop culture memorabilia, stools and tables we crafted from lumber we harvested and milled, a sound system straight out of an enterprising 1980's high school teen's bedroom, hidden references to movies and vast culture, an open-to-the-brewery taproom layout, a love of the sub-division urbanity and music of the late 1970’s and early 80’s, CB radios, natural light (the illumination not the beverage), and our delight in having a good time - our goal is to create an experience that is unique, welcoming, and one which grants us the privilege of getting to know our beer brothers and sisters more and more each visit. This thing was built from nothing with our own hands and we take great pride in that. We want our guests to sense that pride as well as carry a personal investment in our future growth. We have too much love and sweat invested in every aspect of the space, food and beer to get lazy and suck. We are Various Artists Brewing at your service.


1011 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville, TN 37210


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